In a new partnership, Deion Sanders exemplifies Simply Crowns’ commitment to providing the best in the dental industry.

AUSTIN, TX, October 01, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Simply Crowns is a game changer when it comes to getting the highest quality products in the dental industry at the lowest prices. Today, Simply Crowns is continuing to change the game by partnering with the world’s most beautiful smile and the charisma that matches it: “Primetime” King Deion Sanders. This new and exciting partnership demonstrates Simply Crowns’ commitment to providing the best products and services their industry has to offer, all at affordable prices.

Deion Sanders is well known for his phenomenal career with both the NFL and MLB, especially as the only individual to appear in the Super Bowl and the World Series. This powerhouse is also a well-trusted analyst and an NFL Hall of Famer. To add to his impressive resume, he’s now dazzling his smile in a new partnership to help people get the dental deal of a lifetime. Simply Crowns’ partnership with Deion includes social media and commercial spots produced by The Barber Shop Marketing in Dallas. In each video, Deion showcases his pearly whites while demonstrating why Simply Crowns is the best in town.

Deion has already gone above and beyond in his partnership and created his own Simply Crowns promotional video for Instagram with over 93k views to date. Deion mentions in the video, “You know my smile is pretty. I want your smile to be beautiful, but the problem is it’s not affordable for most people…That’s why I partnered with Simply Crowns, so I can come to you and hook your smile up like mine.”

According to Deion, Simply Crowns is “taking the hustle out of game” when it comes to dentistry. Customers in the dental industry often face inconvenient dental emergencies that end up costing a fortune because of overpriced dental practices. Simply Crowns is unique in that they provide free second opinions to determine whether or not patients truly need a crown and what it should actually cost them. Even after x-rays, appointments co-pays, and premium crown fittings, Simply Crowns only charges $599 per tooth. Additionally, Simply Crowns backs each of their crowns with 100% satisfaction guaranteed for two years. For more information on the services from Simply Crowns and how to get your own Primetime smile for an affordable price, visit

Simply Crowns
Simply Crowns specializes in crowns, bridges, veneers, and implant crowns. The company prides itself on offering exceptional dentistry services and products at the lowest prices that customers will find. The dentists at Simply Crowns only use the latest techniques in digital scanning and manufacturing for the highest quality products in the industry. While Simply Crowns is headquartered in Austin, Texas, customers can find locations in San Antonio and San Marcos as well.