See us at the Vegas Wine & Food Festival Oct. 4 & 5

KNOXVILLE, TN, October 01, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Sunterra Outdoor, a San Antonio, Texas-based company that manufactures heavy duty barbecue smokers, grills, and pizza ovens that use wood and charcoal for fuel, now partners with Certified Piedmontese for its Argentine, Argentine Brasero, and Santa Maria grills.

Sunterra Outdoors is an NSF certified iron-forged outdoor grills feature large fireboxes and cooking surfaces that can be raised or lowered using a unique hand crank configuration. Through a partnership with Certified Piedmontese—a Lincoln, Nebraska-based beef company—those who purchase a Sunterra Outdoor grill at and use code PIEDMONTESE receive a discount on Sunterra Grills and a free Certified Piedmontese beef gift box with their purchase.

Grill sponsor Sunterra Outdoor is going to grill it up at Certified Piedmontese at the Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival this week October 4 & 5. All proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society Critical Care Comics.

About Sunterra Outdoor
Sunterra Outdoor is a company that shares in the passion, enjoyment, and satisfaction customers gain from using its high-quality, heavy duty barbecue smokers, grills, and pizza ovens that are handcrafted by metal artisans. Sunterra Outdoor offers product lines to suit customers’ preferred barbecue and grilling style, including Argentine grills, Argentine Brasero grills, and Santa Maria grills, which feature unique hand crank configurations that lift or lower the grill grates to the desired distance from the heat source. Sunterra Outdoor is dedicated to designing and crafting the most reliable and long lasting outdoor grilling products available. Learn more at and

About Certified Piedmontese
Certified Piedmontese is a healthier beef option that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or tenderness. With fewer calories, less fat, and higher protein per ounce than beef from other breeds, it’s an ideal source of lean protein for a healthy diet. Certified Piedmontese cattle are raised responsibly on family ranches across the Midwest through a ranch-to-fork process that ensures traceability, environmental sustainability, humane animal handling, and responsible resource management at every step. Progressive stockman ship values such as low stress handling protocols and the elimination of added growth hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products ensure healthier cattle and higher-quality beef for consumers who won’t settle for anything less. Learn more at