The Wellington Focuses on CBD Education for Women’s Heath

CHARLOTTE, NC, November 11, 2019 /Neptune100/ — The Wellington CBD, an innovative, elevated and trustworthy retailer announces their female forward focused CBD, this coined by the owner Linsey Beford as “SheBD”. Linsey Beford is the female founder and president of The Wellington CBD, she has turned the company’s focal point on helping women understand and take control of their health by educating them about hemp CBD oil, it’s health benefits, and how they may reduce the use of synthetic pharmaceuticals.

“Honestly, it was a personal health struggle started me on this health and wellness journey, then it was my success with CBD that inspired and created The Wellington CBD. So now I want to empower other women to evaluate their own health issues,” replies Beford commenting on the origin of The Wellington. “Listening to your body is imperative. CBD might not always be the answer but if a woman has the correct tools then she can take control of her wellbeing and make her personal wellness decisions.”

The Wellington provides a clear, education-driven approach to CBD. The website is easy to navigate and has specific tabs for various health issues; Pain, Sleep, Anxiety, even PMS. Never with the promise of cure, but with the offering of educating the consumer to give them the ability to make their own informed health decisions.

“Men are definitely a part of this too!” she adds. “The interesting thing is, as we have encouraged this conversation, we have seen an increase in men coming in to purchase SheBD products for their significant others, our La Mend Period Patch being a Charlotte Plaza favorite! This absolutely makes me smile, having a guy care enough to source out SheBD products. I would love for women’s health issues to become less taboo. It’s crazy that we still feel the need to shamefully hide our tampons up our sleeves.”

Beyond just another CBD store The Wellington has taken the wellness industry one step further by aligning with other health experts. The relationships include Yoga Instructors, Chiropractors, and Veterinary Offices all interested in the application of CBD holistic medicine in their area of expertise which extends the store’s reach beyond the retail front. One of their most notable partnerships is with yogavita. “CBD and Yoga, match made in heaven- right?!” Beford exclaims. “Vita’s most popular class is CBDeep Stretch, where she incorporates CBD and Yoga.”

Cannabis statics show that even with the gaining popularity of CBD, women are still underserved in the industry. With this knowledge Beford wanted The Wellington’s brands reflect her SheBD vision. She sourced out unique products not found at your average CBD shop like CBD deodorant, CBD face masks, CBD skin detox, CBD epidermal growth serums, CBD body wash and CBD hair products. Of her various Wellington products remarkably 80% of the brands are also women-owned and operated CBD companies. You will find labels from Lord Jones, Kat’s Naturals, AUR, Sagely Naturals, MJ Esthetics, CBD for Life and Mender lining her shelves. “The only place there’s a glass ceiling is on our green-houses!” she smiles. “The flowering hemp plant is female, so with a female-driven thought process around the plant … of course women should be in CBD industry!”

About The Wellington

The Wellington located in the Charlotte Plaza building, uptown Charlotte, is a one-stop shop that is reimagines the CBD experience. Patrons receive easy to understand, and important education and facts about how CBD can be used to manage stress, combat inflammation, make your skin glow, and give you a better night’s sleep.

Sharing only top-quality CBD beauty and wellness products, through their strong vetting processes, The Wellington shares only the best-of-the-best products—consumers can trust that every brand and product sold is thoroughly tested and safe. More information at