Trump’s Credibility: A Being Devoid of Humanity?

CUPERTINO, CA, December 23, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The past four years have been utterly tumultuous and contentious on both sides of the spectrum. The era of the Trump administration has not only jolted and brought shockwaves to the entire U.S. landscape but across the world. Whether you are an ardent Trump supporter or a liberal seeking equity and propriety, his leadership has impacted you one way or another.

The credibility of an individual says much of one’s character. As defined by Mitchell Levy, Global Credibility Expert, credibility is the quality in which we are known, liked, and trusted.

In Levy’s new Credibility Nation series, “Dear Credibility Expert”, he’ll answer credibility questions weekly from viewers. The pilot episode is something completely different and worth watching.

In the pilot episode, Levy compares the credibility of current U.S. president, Donald J. Trump with the president-elect, Joseph “Joe” R. Biden Jr. Would it surprise you know they are on opposite sides of credibility?

Levy answers the mind-boggling questions:

– How did a leader of the free world manage to become widely popular despite how contentious and controversial he has become?
– Why does Trump remain popular in his fan base despite the strife in geopolitics?
– Is there an axiom that explains why Trump remains so popular?

Here’s Levy’s axiom that explains it all: “Authenticity Trumps Integrity.” This explains a lot throughout the ages.

Check out the full episode here:

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