Psychographic Profiling and Musculoskeletal Health also Top the List of Emerging Trends For Employee Wellness.

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 12, 2019 /Neptune100/ — MediKeeper, a leading provider of customizable wellness portals to healthcare providers, insurance brokers, wellness companies, TPAs, and corporate employers, today announced their annual list of emerging trends in the Employee Wellness market for 2020.

MediKeeper’s report highlights four key trends that are likely to transform the industry. Unlike the 2017 or 2019 studies, this year all four trends share a common denominator in that each of them helps drive employee engagement, an integral part of creating successful wellness programs:

• Platforms Trump Point Solutions – Due to their all-inclusive approach to managing population health, Point solutions are making way for solutions that offer a consistent user-experience within the organization and promote engagement.
• Tailored Experience – Wellness administrators can increase engagement within the portal by ensuring that the right information is reaching a targeted audience and creates a tailored experience. Data from health risk assessments, biometrics, claims and personal preferences can direct the user to appropriate and relevant resources. This can range from information about exercise and weight loss to stress management and mental health.
• Psychographic Profiling – By presenting information in an appropriate manner that resonates with the person’s psychographic profile, you increase the probability that you will see a higher level of engagement.
• Musculoskeletal Health – As one of the biggest health costs for employers, it is important to not only address how to recover from injuries but also to educate employees on how to prevent injuries and pain that may lead to expensive future treatments.

The trends identified by MediKeeper were based on data generated from the 1,300 client organizations and more than 5 million lives covered by MediKeeper.

David Ashworth, CEO of MediKeeper said “All four of the wellness trends for 2020 validate the importance of creating an engaged workforce as the driver of wellness programs. Survey results reveal that 91% of companies indicate that employee health and wellness is critical to their company, however only 62% have adopted a dedicated wellness platform to manage their wellness program. Using technology will give companies the ability to measure engagement levels on a consistent basis and deliver programs and content in a cost-effective manner.”

Full details of the report can be found here.

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