Market condition is changing constantly, we can see the current trend in industry development from the semi-annual report of LED display among related companies.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, November 11, 2019 /Neptune100/ —

Trend 1: Sales of small-pitch product become the main growth point for the corporate revenue.

With the further improvement of the technology of small-pitch LED display, the cost of research and development of new High Resolution products has gradually declined. The application market for fine pitch HD screens has also expanded from indoor conference rooms, command rooms for outdoor advertising, landscape lighting, etc. the continuous expansion of the market has driven the incremental marketing of production.

The increasing pressure of competition of the conventional LED Display Screen in the industry, serious homogenization , continuously compressed profits and small-pitch displays’ high profits pushed many companies create heir own small pixel pitch products.

Trend 2: The new COB packaging way keeps heating up.

The COB packaging way is a method in which a bare chip is adhered to an interconnect substrate with a conductive or non-conductive paste, and then wire bonding is performed to achieve electrical connection.COB adopting integrated packaging technology which saves the cost of packaging by eliminating the need for a single LED device and packaging process after packaging. In terms of technology, COB can effectively solve the problem of increased processing difficulty due to the shrinking of the dot pitch, the reduced yield and the increasing cost of SMD in which we could say that the SMD is much easier to achieve small pitch and vivid display content. LEDSINO tried COB in LED Smart Shelf screen and conference room HD screen, which has been well approving by customers.

Trend 3: Cathode-sharing products become an emerging energy-saving technology in the industry

The pitch of LED display screens diminish continuously and the density of LED lamp components increases, that is why the heat dissipation problem has became an important factor restricting the development of small pitch. LED is a temperature-sensitive device and with the temperature increasing, the optical unit becomes larger and the color is changing, then the thermal expansion and contraction is more serious which affects the airtightness of the LED. The appearance of the cathode-sharing technology solves the problem of heat dissipation at a Small Pitch, reduced power consumption, meanwhile improved the contrast and brightness to achieve energy saving and emission reducing.

Trend 4: The booming of LED Screen Rental market

With the continuous improvement of human production level, people have a higher pursuit of spiritual life while satisfying material life, thus promoting the rapid development of entertainment culture products, commercial performance activities and and the design of large-scale stage has stimulated the rental screen market to expand constantly.
LEDSINO RN-series Rental LED Display are just designed for indoor and outdoor stage rental activities with their high refresh rate, adjustable brightness, high saturation gray level and anti-glare design.

Trend 5: The constantly expanding application of LED transparent screens.

The transparent and light LED transparent screen is the best display product with glass window display. The Transparent LED Display greatly attracts the eyes of customers and enhances the attention and brand image of the store through its cool video display, thus promotes the sales of the business.We can tell that the Transparent Screen will usher a larger market prospects from the car 4S shop, mobile phone shops, restaurant brands and various exhibitions and stage performances.

As a professional LED Display manufacturer, LEDSINO provides reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions for LED Display industry.

LEDSINO engineers are willing to develop and customize products for all customers while providing the best support throughout the process. Since establishment, our team has continuously innovated,Our Rental LED Screen, HD LED Display, Transparent Display, Flexible LED Display, Indoor And Outdoor LED Screen have the most advanced technology and forward-looking design in the market today.