This new integration capitalizes on VEND’s latest technology, providing Preferred Patron™ the ability to operate natively within VENDHQ. No need to switch between a tablet and register nor install a Chrome extension.

NORTHFIELD, NJ, June 16, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Preferred Market Solutions, LLC, developer of Preferred Patron™ Loyalty, is pleased to announce a new integration with VEND POS. This new integration capitalizes on VEND’s latest technology, providing Preferred Patron™ the ability to operate natively within VENDHQ, without the need for any supplemental devices or applications.

“This integration is so much more than what is currently available in the marketplace today,” said Brett Perlman, managing partner of Preferred Market Solutions, LLC. Preferred Patron™ Loyalty is 100% seamlessly integrated with VEND; that means, within the POS platform, customers automatically earn loyalty credits for purchases and selected reward discounts are applied directly to the sale. “We have completely eliminated any chance for human error during the checkout process. No more missed points and no more unrecorded redemptions!” says Brett. Loyalty information is always validated real-time and presented, up-to-date, at the point of transacting the sale. What’s nice is any promotion or reward applied on the sale is clearly noted on the customer’s sales receipt!

“Another great feature introduced is something we call Cross Store Customer Synchronization,” says Chris Silvestri, CTO of Preferred Market Solutions, LLC. “It’s common for multi-store operations, especially franchises, to operate their own Vend database, disconnected from each other. That makes sharing customer data between stores, such as loyalty credits, very difficult. With Preferred Patron™ Loyalty, customer data is automatically synchronized, bi-directional, across all Vend POS databases operated by the merchant, even if they are disconnected systems,” says Chris.

Merchants may choose whichever VEND POS platform they are most comfortable with, whether that be the Vend web register or the native iOS iPad app, and no matter which they choose, the experience will be the same. With Preferred Patron’s™ fully integrated solution, there’s no need to switch between a tablet and register nor any need to install a Chrome extension. “Our integration will give merchants the same, fluid and easy to use, process flow they are already accustomed to, with no surprises and no complicated steps,” says Brett. Merchants will love how easy the solution is to use, with no learning curve at all.

“Our solution doesn’t stop at the register,” says Brett. When it comes to driving traffic and boosting ROI, merchants benefit from Preferred Patron’s™ auto-pilot marketing engine with integrated SMS texting and E-mail marketing. All-in-all, merchants operating Vend POS now have a complete powerhouse marketing solution available to them, unrivaled by anything else available today!

Founded in 2004, Preferred Market Solutions is a leading provider of loyalty marketing software, products and services. The company offers cutting-edge customer retention and marketing tools to resellers and clients world-wide. Industries served include retail, restaurant, cafe, salon/spa, health/fitness, automotive, hospitality, resort, golf and country club, educational institution/university, gas station/car wash and entertainment.