Organizations Join Forces to educate students and travelers in reforestation and environmental awareness projects.

CABANGA, COSTA RICA, February 19, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Led2Serve announced today the next step in the 6-year partnership with Hacienda Rio Cote, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring reforestation and modern organic farming techniques to rural Costa Rica.

Led2Serve, since 2014, has been bringing student teams and groups to the local community in support of its mission to equip, inspire, and mobilize travelers to “serve where they go”. The concept of making a positive impact where you travel is not new for Led2Serve. Meaningful Service Journeys have been taking place throughout the country of Costa Rica for nearly 10 years. Moving ahead, Led2Serve will serve as a logistical partner for Hacienda Rio Cote, as teams from all over the world travel to Costa Rica to learn more about how to support the environment, plant and animal preservation, reforestation efforts, and more. There will be classes and specific studies who focus on environmental awareness, learning from the Maluku about medicinal plants, and engaging in farm to table practices.

Recognizing the long-term commitment Led2Serve has made, the new Lodge, that can accommodate 24 people at a time, has been built by HRC. The property will be an educational center location where families, groups, and teams can enjoy a wonderful environment and facilities when they visit the area.

About Hacienda Rio Cote:

The primary sponsor of HRC is Inner Traditions International (ITI), a book publisher based in Rochester, Vermont, USA. ITI has, since 1975, published the wisdom and practices of the world’s indigenous peoples. Inner Traditions is s pleased to support HRC as a way of contributing to the protection of ancient ways of life while offsetting both carbon footprint and the use of tree fiber in producing books. For more on ITI’s active commitment to the environment, see their Green Policies page.

About Led2Serve:

Founded in 2009, Led2Serve was created to equip, inspire, and mobilize individuals and teams to serve others locally, nationally, and across Costa Rica. Led2Serve specializes in customized life-changing Service Journeys for student and adult teams. Led2Serve Journeys provide the opportunity for team members to give their time and talents by taking part in meaningful community projects where they travel.

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