Outstanding Award 2020 For ‘MODI’

SEOUL, KOREA, October 23, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Korean coding education startup, Luxrobo announced that it has been awarded the Worlddidac Outstanding Award 2020 in recognition of its robotics education platform ‘MODI’.

LUXROBO’s MODI was among 27 products that were shortlisted for bringing advancement in education globally and judged to be of pedagogical value, innovation and/or high-quality that will receive a prestigious quality label the Worlddidac Award 2020. The nine category winners out of the shortlisted twenty-seven educational solutions will be presented with The Most Outstanding Product of 2020, the Best Innovational Approach Award, and the ICT Swisscom Innovation Award.

MODI was recognized for its achievement in the most competitive ‘Education Resources for Primary Education’ category which had 14 of the 27 entries.

The prestigious biennial Worlddidac Award, is an independent recognition of innovation, quality and practical application of teaching materials. It is the highest honor in the education industry worldwide, bestowed by the Worlddidac Foundation and the Worlddidac Association. The international panel of experts and dedicated Swiss teachers examine the submitted products for their innovation, design, sustainability and above all, suitability and expediency. This accolade is conferred on creators, developers and manufacturers for their creativity and continuous innovation.

MODI is LUXROBO’s industry-recognized modular coding education kit that was developed for building and connecting DIY robotic creations. LUXROBO currently supplies its MODI kits towards public education globally in countries such as Korea, Luxemburg, Singapore, Thailand and the USA.

MODI modules comprise input, output and setup modules that allow learners to acquire key concepts across computer science and coding curriculums in a fun and engaging way. Through hands-on, project-based activities learners of all ages are able to tackle problems logically while developing their critical thinking and computational thinking skills. In combination with a STEAM curriculum, 3D printing, and LEGO bricks, MODI classes really come alive.

Established in 2014, LUXROBO Inc. is a leading Korean robotics educational technology startup that specializes in corporate online and offline coding education services in South Korea. LUXROBO’s MODI is a modular hardware platform consisting of 21 modules with particular functions and software coding tools for users and learners of all ages and backgrounds. MODI was designed for users to intuitively recognize each module’s function. Additionally, most types of modular devices have exposed circuit boards but MODI has a hidden circuit board which makes it safer and convenient for children to play with.