Shar McBee, Joy of Leadership

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 02, 2021 /Neptune100/ — When COVID-19 is over, we are about to experience a rebirth – about to be given another chance, a new lease on life. The best way to prepare for the new paradigm is to be authentic.

For instance: an executive was rehearsing a speech, but it was weak. He had no oomph. So, I asked him to practice in a yoga pose, the warrior. Two of the benefits of the warrior pose are strength and courage. He got better, but not enough. Finally, I said, “You were given that big body. Use it to serve.” Wow. He looked like a Picasso painting going into alignment. Both he and the speech became powerful. He went home happy, as was I.

The next day his wife called and asked, “What did you do to him? He came home transformed.” Then she explained, “He thinks people are afraid of big, black men. His entire life he’s tried to make himself look smaller. The words, ‘Use your big body to serve,’ changed everything.” Later, this man became the CEO of an international corporation.

Fear creates rigidity. Authenticity makes you flexible, which is needed by leaders in today’s environment. Integrity counts when people are worried or afraid. Also, flexibility brings creativity. When this executive gained insight into his own nature, he was able to be at peace with himself.

At Joy of Leadership, a leadership training company in Los Angeles, we often use yoga poses to help executives integrate leadership principles. If you want a whole new beginning when the pandemic is over, start today to be who you are. Success comes with authenticity.

Shar McBee
CEO, Joy of Leadership
[email protected]

Joy of Leadership is a leadership training company in Los Angeles.