CD Seal Waterproofing,a green construction company is leading the way in addressing the environmental degradation & climate change related problems through offering services & products which help property owners get permanent waterproofing solutions.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, November 07, 2019 /Neptune100/ — At a time when the world is faced with serious challenges as a result of environmental degradation and climate change, a waterproofing solutions company CD Seal Waterproofing is offering solutions which are helping home and commercial property owners solve water leakage problems in a simplified and environmentally friendly manner. The company which operates in Salt Lake City, Utah offers a wide range of products using unique technologies that repair, strength and patch any project problem.

“We are offering our customers solutions for water leakages, we use technologies and approaches that ensure customers preserve the environment and make great savings,” said John Anderson, while explaining how they deliver their services.

Established in 2011, CD Seal Waterproofing products have become an integrated part of the concrete structure, replacing traditional membrane waterproofing solutions.

Reduced waste in the job site

“Our solutions and approach ensure that we minimize waste on the jobsite, we also leave the sites as clean as possible, saving the environment and also ensuring that the client does not incur further expenses to remove the waste,” said Mr. Anderson while adding that they care about the environment and will go at any length to ensure that they carry out a clean and green job.

Green solutions

To help the company reach a worldwide delivery, it works closely with logistics; this widens the reach and at the same time ensures that there is stress-free delivery.

“We offer a wide range of products, customers have a chance to select what will work for their project,” said Mr. Anderson while outlining the types of products that they offer.

“Some of the products offered by our company include: CD Seal admix, CD Seal, CD Seal D’Broadcast, CD Seal Mortar, CD Seal FSC, CD Seal Primer, CD Seal SwellBar among others,” added John.

CD Seal Admix is ideal for new construction where it offers an admixture which can be added directly to the concrete mix. The product according to Mr. Anderson is a cost-effective way to ensure that concrete is sufficiently waterproofed.

For the existing concrete structures, the company recommends CD Seal, a product that provides a waterproofing coating which can be brushed or sprayed onto the existing concrete. With this type of seal, it binds well with the surface, creating a waterproofed barrier which is long lasting. It is recommended for basements, swimming pools, and other similar areas.

CD Seal D’Broadcast is suitable for eliminating problems which are associated with coatings, it is ideal for sewage and water treatment plants, traffic bearing surfaces, foundation slabs among others.

“CD Seal Mortar will come in handy when you need repairs, the product will give you our same unique technology, helping repair and patch up damaged areas in the existing concrete structures,” said Mr. Anderson.

Other products include CD Seal FSC, CD Seal Primer, and CD Seal Swell Bar.

Mr. Anderson reiterated that CD Seal will continue offering their customers waterproofing solutions that will save them on cost as well as help in preserving the environment. He urged customers to select waterproofing and other construction contractors who are sensitive about the environment to ensure that damages of environmental degradation and climate change are reversed and reduced significantly.

About CD Seal Waterproofing

CD Seal Waterproofing is a company offering excellent waterproofing solutions using unique technologies and approaches. The company has a team of environmentally friendly and highly qualified technicians. It offers a wide range of products such as: CD Seal admix, CD Seal Mortar, CD Seal FSC, CD Seal Primer, and CD Seal Swell Bar among others.

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