UVWAY uses UV-light technology to kill harmful pathogens that may be present on the handle’s surface

OTTAWA, ON, July 23, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Amidst a global pandemic, Canadian start-up company Luxars, will launch its first self-sanitizing door handle through Kickstarter on July 28. The first in Canada, by focusing on reducing the spread of viruses, the UVWAY handle uses UV-light technology that has been proven to kill 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria. The environmentally friendly and cost-efficient door handle eliminates the need for single-use cleaning products by using an automatic sensor that turns on after it is touched. The sensor triggers the UV-light mechanism to turn on for three seconds and disinfects the germs present on the surface. The UVWAY has various safety features to protect the user from UV-light exposure.

Research has shown that approximately 80 per cent of illness-causing germs are spread by our hands alone. Thus, the CDC has stated that washing hands and disinfecting high touch surfaces is paramount in stopping the spread of germs and illnesses. Doorknobs can have over 1300 types of germs, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. However, doorknobs are often ignored and not frequently sanitized. Luxars Inc. created a patent-pending product that makes the sanitizing automatic in a time where hygienic safety is of the utmost concern.

“Our hands have immense power with the ability to spread germs to everything we touch. Even if we wash our hands, we often forget to disinfect the surfaces we touch most,” Luxars lead engineer and co-founder Elijah Erb said.

With the COVID-19 virus so prominent around the world, the UVWAY aims to help stop the spread of germs and bacteria to protect people and their loved ones.

“With so much fear revolving the pandemic, I wanted to create a product that can ease our worry and help protect us and those around us,” Erb said.

About Luxars Inc.: Luxars is a Canadian start-up company founded by Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering honours graduate Elijah Erb and Carleton BA graduate Ji Seo. Luxars Inc. will launch its first product through Kickstarter with the UVWAY handle on July 28. The company aims to reach homes, businesses, schools, senior residences and hospitals around the globe to make a smarter and safer world.