The story is devoted to the activities of one of the opinion leaders – a popular blogger and founder of the channel “Iron Bet” Andrey Alistarov, who specializes in betting topics.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, July 25, 2020 /Neptune100/ —

Passion from the childhood.

Andrey Alistarov – popular video blogger from Kaluga, Russia. Alistarov is 34 years old. Since 2014, he has been fully dedicated to his project. From an early age, Andrey dreamed of a video camera, and every time he was delighted when his uncle, who is a professional football player, came to visit him on family holidays. His uncle brought a video camera, which at that time was considered a shortage. As a child, Andrey imagined that he would like to shoot a movie with such a camera. In the 90s, Alistarov developed a passion for the shooting process. That is why he wanted to connect his life with shooting and creativity from an early age.

Interest in the betting business.

The idea to develop in the field of betting came to Andrey’s mind for a reason. In the 2000s, Andrey worked as an Elevator mechanic, and in his partner’s briefcase, in addition to tools, there was always a printout of the bookmaker’s paper line. This interested Andrey, and he began to learn more about this topic. He started making money out of it, was completely involved. It was not easy, because after a couple of years, Alistarov began to cross the permitted line and lose large sums. After the passed life lessons, he considered a measured attitude to the process, the excitement became more temperate, but the interest did not disappear.

Changing the direction as a way to change everything.

Andrey continued to plunge into the chosen sphere, and after a while he realized that it was time to act decisively. In 2014, he created the project “Iron Bet“. The popularity of the channel did not come immediately, but only after the direction of its development changed. The YouTube channel started with the usual betting predictions, and then the team decided to expose the scammers.

Benefits from hard-working.

At the moment, the “Iron Bet” YouTube channel is one of the most popular channels on the topic of sports betting (213 thousand subscribers) on Russian-language YouTube. Video content is entertainment in nature. The heroes of the stories are mainly local players of bookmakers, in which bettors tell their stories and give forecasts for upcoming matches. In addition to the rapid growth in YouTube, the project is also actively developing in other social networks: VKontakte, Telegram. Andrew believes that the phrases that should be associated with his channel- “the First entertainment in the world of betting. Betting for fun.”

The main thing is respect for the audience.

One of the ways to earn money on the project is advertising. Andrey treats his audience with respect, so advertising is always frank and honest, without memorized statements. He recommends to people what he is interested in, tells them in simple language as a friend. Probably, this is why the audience is adequate to the advertising, and often sincerely interested in what he is talking about and appreciate the approach to advertising. Respect for subscribers is shown also throughout the existence of the channel and the project. After all, the closer you are to your audience, the more loyal they are to you.

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