The inflatable, 3 chamber cushion helps get someone back on their feet after a fall, safely and with dignity, while also protecting caregivers from injury.

LAS VEGAS, NV, June 16, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Easy Lift Up system is an easy-to-use personal lifting cushion that serves as an assistive device to caregivers, and people that find it very difficult or impossible to get back up on their own. It uses air pump technology to safely lift a person off the floor, preserving the fallen person’s dignity while helping prevent further strain and injury to both the fallen and the caregiver. The cushion is positioned flat on the floor, and once seated on it, the fallen person is lifted to a height of 22 inches off the floor in approximately three minutes. The Easy Lift Up system is lightweight and compact, fitting into small spaces while still boasting enough power to lift up to 600 pounds.

The personal lift system can be used both indoors and outdoors. Easy Lift Up’s cushions are easy to clean and can be quickly inflated, helping the fallen person to get back on their feet, safely, and with dignity. The air pump that operates the lift is electrically powered, delivering reliable lift power when it is needed most, and not having to worry about a dead battery when it’s needed. Lightweight and portable, the Easy Lift Up system is easy to move and transport, saving critical time when a loved one or patient has suffered a fall.

For those over 65, injuries due to falls are all too common and account for tens of billions of dollars in medical expenses each year. Too often, seniors can receive additional injuries when trying to get up from a fall. Caregivers who may lift a fallen person incorrectly, also run the risk of injuring themselves. But one Las Vegas company is looking to change that with innovative lift technology that helps prevent further injury for fall victims and their caregivers.

“Our goal with Easy Lift Up is to help people get back on their feet, especially seniors, and avoid additional injury when faced with a fall,” said Stephen Huston, CEO. “With falls on the rise as the US population continues to age, better solutions are needed to help those suffering from falls, and prevent further injury when getting up, all the while maintaining their dignity. Easy Lift Up is that better solution.”