Dual Wheel Rear Tire Patented Design has Surprising Results with Initial Pilot Launch

MILWAUKEE, WI, July 24, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Dually Bikes is excited for the expanding opportunities with the latest in bike innovation. The founders originally launched a pilot with a 16″ bike ideal for young riders just learning to ride. The dual wheel rear tire design offers an “easier, safer, faster” way to learn to ride without training wheels. Kids can build confidence quickly and then have a cool bike ideal for all seasons, offering added traction to ride in grass, gravel, sand and even snow.

Consumers are responding to the benefit of learning to ride a better way, instead learning twice: once with training wheels and then all over again once removed. With Dually Bikes, kids can hop on and get just enough balance boost to be independently riding…often in minutes.

Consumers are driving where the coolest bike innovation in years goes next. Eric Lenz, co-founder of Dually Bikes says, “We’re getting daily feedback and requests for the larger size bikes for older kids with disabilities and seniors with balance issues.” With such tremendous demand, the founders are seeking a financial and/or distribution partner to help them fill this need and niche in the marketplace faster than they can on their own. Original inventor and co-founder Jeff Gaudynski states, “We’re hoping to find a partner who wants to share the social responsibility of addressing an unmet need for people often relegated to the sidelines due to disabilities or lower function level.”

In the meantime, Dually Bikes continues to build a brand and market its bikes with social campaigns, giveaways and media to drive consumers to DuallyBikes.com. Dually Bikes acquired the trademark on the brand “Dually Bikes” just this month and the utility patent earlier this year.

About Dually Bikes
Dually Bikes was launched in 2014 by Jeff Gaudynski Chief Engineer. Later joined by Eric Lenz, the two set out to share their bike innovation with the world, offering added balance for riders of all ages. The company is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and bikes can be purchased online at: DuallyBikes.com.