Rayward Apparel debuts new collection of sun protective clothing, compromising neither comfort nor performance in the process.

NEW ORLEANS, LA, March 26, 2020 /Neptune100/ — With the launch of its new UV protective clothing line, Rayward Apparel sees a bright future. By creating a unique fiber blend which utilizes bamboo’s natural properties, the company’s first collection of UPF sun shirts perfectly blends comfort, performance and protection—not to mention style.

Founded in 2019, Rayward Apparel began with a simple mission of designing better UPF sun protection clothing, but that mission quickly grew beyond apparel. “I wanted to start a company bigger than myself—one that could create a positive impact on as many lives as possible, while encouraging and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle,” says Devin Regan, Rayward Apparel’s founder. “Many apparel brands reinforce the ‘active’ component, but too few address health and the hidden dangers of UV exposure.”

Devin, a former collegiate track and field athlete at the University of Maryland (Class of ’09), spent countless hours training in the sun. More than a decade after graduating, he still enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, one that almost came to a sudden stop after a melanoma diagnosis at age 32. “The diagnosis was a wakeup call, and the quick discovery probably saved my life, but I knew I needed to do something to help prevent others from suffering a worse fate,” explains Devin. “My goal was simple: create the type of apparel I should have been wearing all along—one that protects as well as it performs.”

After a long process of design and testing, Rayward Apparel’s debut line of performance sun protection apparel, the Sun Bound Collection, is available now for an exclusive pre-sale. Available in three styles—short sleeve, long sleeve or hooded—and inspired by the company’s competitive year-round sun chasing, the Sun Bound Collection is lightweight, ultra soft and, most importantly, protective. Rayward Apparel is finalizing production now and expecting the first batch of orders to ship out in June, but will be providing regular updates throughout the process.

“I’m unbelievably proud of the hard work and research that went into producing our first line of UPF apparel, but even more proud of the positive impact we hope to make as a business,” says Devin, alluding to Rayward Apparel’s commitment to donating 5% of all company profits to organizations researching and treating skin cancer.

Rayward Apparel is built on the belief that staying protected shouldn’t mean staying indoors, and sun safety shouldn’t mean compromising comfort, style or performance. Focusing exclusively on UPF 50+ sun clothing, Rayward Apparel’s promise is simple: More Adventure. Less Exposure. Learn more at https://www.raywardapparel.com/