Create faster and better routines with Serumize’s new line of precision skincare products that target your unique skin concerns whilst challenging us to approach beauty from a functionality standpoint.

TORONTO, ON, March 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Innovative beauty brand SERUMIZE SKIN launches a collection of precision skincare products that target skin concern whilst challenging us to approach beauty from a functionality stand point. Each Serumize product is formulated with active ingredients designed to bridge the gap between prescription formula and day to day skin care.

“We are fully committed to our customer’s needs, and surveyed over 2,500 skincare professions and consumers to really understand how we can optimize their routine. When we heard they wanted help understanding skincare and ingredients, we felt equipped to deliver that ourselves,” said Elizabeth Shabi, Founder and CEO, Serumize Skin. “We have leveraged our team’s expertise in creating scientific formulas with efficacious ingredients and global brand management to design a line of advanced products that inspire confidence in our consumers.”

The brand launch is accompanied by a digital experience on SERUMIZE.COM, which will feature Serumize’s inaugural collection of three active skin products:

Clear Fight Advanced Acne Clarifying Serum: An action-packed serum designed to clarify, calm irritated skin, and reduce congestion at the same time. It’s formulated with 2% salicylic acid and other actives to fight negative bacteria factors while providing beneficial hydration.

Peptide Quench Multi-Peptide Serum: A dynamic blend of hyaluronic acid and 12 performing peptides that refine the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, texture and promotes elasticity + firmness to the skin.

Ultra Restore Intense Hydration & Renewal Dry Oil: A multitasking dry face oil packed with antioxidants and omega fatty acids that floods skin with hydration, improve firmness, help to soften the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and brighten dark spots. A unique blend of oils combined to fight free radical damage, aging, and dullness.

For more information on Serumize Skin, please visit or connect with the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

About Serumize Skin
Serumize is an intentional beauty company that doesn’t contrive consumer needs. They inventively bring you naturally sourced ingredients and innovative formulations. At the heart of Serumize Skin is the science of precision. Our formulas are designed to target your skin concern at the cellular level to boost results. We manufacture in small batches to ensure efficacy. Serumize Skin’s commitment to ethical practices, the brand does not engage in animal testing and their packaging is manufactured to reduce environmental impact. Serumize Skin is a company of Hybrid beauty labs, an innovative disruptor in the beauty CPG space. Hybrid Beauty Labs is headquartered in Toronto City. To learn more, visit

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