Growing from terrible poverty in Brazil to success in the United States

TULSA, OK, July 25, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Nothing feels more fulfilling than knowing who you are and what your mission is—and nothing will get you there like forgiveness and surrendering to Divine Love. Angela Mccluskey-Moses learned this the hard way growing up in terrible poverty in Brazil, and her book, Permission to Rise, is the deeply personal story she drew from her experiences. It took only six months for Angela to realize, at 12, that a coveted factory job wasn’t for her. By lying about her age and working for free, she was able to get an office job at 13, showing her fierce determination and willingness to do anything to rise up out of poverty. Readers who have dealt with disadvantages, difficult starts, abuse, or depression will find her story in Permission to Rise incredibly encouraging and inspiring.

How do we face our fears and make peace with our past? Few who have not grown up under the extreme poverty of the Third World can understand the obstacles facing individuals in these countries, yet Angela is living evidence the human spirit is indomitable. Her life shows readers the importance of finding a calling and how resolve and purpose can give anyone a sense of meaning—and the true richness that comes with it. Angela did that by pursuing self-healing and listening to her heart, and her insight into people, their motives, and the condition of the human spirit is perceptive and compelling. In reading her story, others will find greater emotional and spiritual strength and perspective.

Angela Mccluskey-Moses describes the greatest takeaway she learned and passes along to her readers in Permission to Rise: “Heal yourself first, then take your power back and rewrite your own story.” Angela’s story illustrates how she did exactly that. From rising up out of extreme poverty to a career in the aerospace field to finding her true calling volunteering on the Executive Board for the Pan American Round Table Tulsa Chapter and the International Women Group of Tulsa, Angela will inspire and challenge readers to push past any adversity and excuses in order to find greater fulfillment.

Angela hopes others will learn to see their own lives with the compassion, encouragement, and wisdom she has found through her journey while finding the courage to re-write their own story.

Praise for Permission to Rise:
“Angela’s life story is a testimony of inner strength, determination and ultimate empowerment against all odds. A beautiful memoir highlighting the power of resilience. In Permission to Rise, forgiveness sprouts.”
– Vicky Porto, ChairWoman of the International Women Group of Tulsa

“Permission to Rise provides endless opportunities to cultivate greater intimacy with Angela’s mind. Her story describes self-healing, heart-listening, determination and courage to transcend inner obstacles. Each page overspills with compassion, encouragement, wisdom and persistence. I strongly recommend this remarkable journey must be read by each and every growing up woman or anyone looking to rewrite their own story.”
– Solmaz Bulut, MS, LPC, Family and Children Mental Health

Permission to Rise
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