Proceeds with Kickstarter Funding in September

PALISADES, NJ, September 15, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Recently, more and more people are equipped with masks and thermometers to check their health in regards to COVID-19.

Just by setting up precautionary measures, you can notice signs of abnormal health right away and prepare in advance. Amid growing interest in health, the fashion brand, Revoazin, recently announced that it will fund wearable functional thermometers at Kickstarter.

Snap Fever is a product created with the concept of a wearable thermometer that can be used anywhere and anytime in your everyday life. Snap Fever pairs with the application on your phone through Bluetooth to support various functions. After pairing, Snap Fever sends the data of the measured body temperature to the application every 30 minutes. Based on this data, the app analyzes the daily, monthly, and yearly body temperature.

The front side of Snap Fever has an LED (Pairing, Battery Balance) that shows the remaining battery and helps check the pairing connection. On its backside, there is a clip that clips onto what you are wearing and a thermometer sensor. There’s a Type-C Terminal on the side of the product. On the upper part, there is an ON/OFF power button, which allows you to turn the product on and off by sliding the button to the right or left. As the Snap Fever app is compatible with Android and iOS, it can be used on a smartphone, iPad, tablet PC, and other latest devices.

You can set the highest and lowest temperatures on the Snap Fever app. Since the optimum temperature of each individual is different based on the person’s age range, gender, living environment, etc., the app is designed to let you set your own average temperature as the standard. If Snap Fever detects an abnormal temperature, the app sends you a warning alarm.

When you press the “Record” button on the main page of the Snap Fever app, you can check the data of your body temperatures. When you wear the paired Snap Fever, it automatically measures your temperature every 30 minutes and sends the data to the application in real time.

You can use the recorded information as the data related to your temperature (e.g., as an indicator of fever, hypothermia). Furthermore, if Snap Fever detects any abnormality, the app recommends you to the nearby pharmacies, hospitals, etc. based on your location.

Meanwhile, Snap Fever will be released in two color versions: black and white. Snap Fever will be making its first debut in the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, in September.

More details on Snap Fever can be found on the official webpage below.

Snap Fever Kickstarter webpage