News outlets took a BLM Facebook comment out of context, creating misleading headlines, causing a barrage of death threats, the loss of employment, an FBI investigation, and a smear campaign against retired California police officer Billy Dishman.

SACRAMENTO, CA — High-Profile California Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer has taken on the case of Billy Dishman, a [now former] part-time professional standards officer of the Tracy Police Department. The wronged ex-employee and retired 25-year San Jose Police Department sergeant with an impeccable past posted a one-line comment, “Let’s get it going…I’m in,” in response to another contributor’s innocent remark about putting together a volunteer team of retired California police officers to fill a void.

Notably on the same thread in earlier contributor comments, the theme had morphed into a wholly inappropriate discussion, including that of harming BLM activist Shaun King, along with several violent and threatening posts; however, Mr. Dishman’s comment was in no way referring to or inciting that violence nor was it in response to those remarks. Consequently, the Facebook thread has been removed, preventing the original material from being seen by the public and the truth be known.

“Dishman’s one-liner, ‘Let’s get it going…I’m in’ was totally taken out of context to paint him as some sort of violent racist,” Attorney Allen Sawyer remarked.

Mr. Sawyer believes that the media is responsible for the obliteration of negative headline news articles that spiraled out of control for several days in late June—causing death threats to Mr. Dishman, forcing him to move out of his home, lose his part-time job, undergo an FBI investigation, and be the recipient of a full-fledged character assassination.

Attorney Allen Sawyer is calling on the media to clear up any misunderstandings, put Mr. Dishman’s innocuous comment in the context it was intended, and ensure that Billy Dishman is treated fairly, including the restoration of his reputation.

“The media has played a huge part in blowing this situation out of proportion. I intend on using the same platform to disseminate my client’s message.”

A retired California police officer with more than 25 solid years’ experience, Billy Dishman is a family man who has a spotless career in law enforcement and a past that is free from racism, social media commentary, and confrontation. His solo comment was in no way meant to harm Mr. King, laud, or underscore the violent and inappropriate remarks posted by some of the other contributors. Mr. Dishman has dedicated his life to protecting the public and deserves fair treatment.

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