The latest mini anti-theft system from Fresh USA is a cut above the rest. Anti-theft system is designed for retail stores, hotels, fitness clubs, warehouses, banks and other enterprises.

NORTHBROOK, IL, January 08, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Fresh USA, Inc. continues to bridge gaps with RFID technology. They have since recently introduced a mini anti-theft system that is useful for retail stores and other small business areas. The system is designed and produced by Fresh USA with a single autonomous placing which is popularly the modern and progressive style of anti-theft systems currently.

The anti theft system may be installed over exit and entry doors where it’s most likely for someone to leave with a stolen item. The device works as a RFID (radio frequency) device which scans goods that are tagged with RFID chips or stickers through its antenna. The entire system is made up of a RFID reader, antenna and an alarm. The alarm when sets off sends off a siren signal, with a red-light signal and can also send a message to any computer.. The siren may be placed in any area of the space you wish.

This particular system is very easy to install which makes it hassle free and quick. Its suitable for use in companies such as hotels, retail stores, warehouses, fitness clubs etc. It may be used to protect electronic devices such as tablets, laptops and computers. The system also has a blocking function which is activated if there is an attempt to remove an unauthorized tagged inventory asset.

Fresh USA’s newest ani-theft system is a cut above the rest; among its list of advantages includes a small size antenna 25X25 cm or 45×45 cm. Fresh USA Inc. continues to innovate with RFID technology, with this mini anti-theft system it gives companies the opportunity to operate safer environments for all.

The most innovative solution in our mini anti theft system is that it can be used for the future RFID inventory process. While adding optional functions and installing a software, any user can execute a fast and precise RFID inventory with the help of mini antitheft system as well, or send the data into a manual mobile RFID reader at the discretion of a user.

Newest Anti-Theft System can be used for a mobile RFID inventory or a record-keeping with a help of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Mini anti-theft system as a progressive system for RFID inventory and record-keeping. Visit to learn more about the anti-theft software system and any new development they may have planned for the system.

Fresh USA, Inc. Software Solution incorporates successfully its developments and solutions with RFID technologies such as anti-theft system.