Adding an Expert in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Brings Innovative Features and New Functionality to the Software Development Process.

DETROIT, MI, August 04, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Software development and professional services company, Covalent Resource Group, announced today Keith Hearns as their Director of UI/UX. Keith will bring years of customer-centric experience and talent to Covalent Resource Group’s software development and design teams.

User Interface (UI) designers identify and focus on solving user problems. User Experience (UX) designers focus on intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, end-user experiences. Bringing both groups together early in the software development process speeds up the development process, creating a usable product and a fantastic user experience. Even though the roles are quite different, the key is successfully bringing both parts together early in the development process to eliminate re-work and launch a successful product.

“Think of UI as the motor and tires on a car and UX as the feeling you get when you drive your new car for the first time,” explains Keith Hearns, Director of UI/UX at Covalent Resource Group. “It is my job to make sure businesses are building the right technology to give the end-user that unforgettable new car experience.”

Expanding the leadership team at Covalent Resource Group by adding a UI/UX role comes when companies look for a faster, more streamlined approach to software and application development and want to focus on customer and revenue growth.

“Legacy modernization and automation are at the top of IT leaders’ strategic plans, and retaining customers, and building revenue are on everyone’s mind. UI/UX plays a key role in both initiatives,” said Ann Teschendorf, CEO and Founder of Covalent Resource Group. “Keith’s leadership and experience will help companies create technology solutions that are functional but useful.”

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