Berlin sake startup sponsors 10.000 square meters within one of Germany’s most important biosphere reserve

BERLIN, GERMANY, June 16, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Berlin sake startup Go-Sake takes over the sponsorship of 10.000 square meters within one of Germany’s most important biosphere reserve “Lake Stechlinsee”.

The Stechlin district is one of the most important oligotrophic landscapes of Central Europe. In 2012 The Global Nature Fund announced Lake Stechlin as the “Living Lake of the Year 2012”.

Lake Stechlin is located in Brandenburg, and is well known for the good quality of its water. With a depth of 70 metres, it is Brandenburg’s deepest lake. The depths of Lake Stechlin are home to the Fontane cisco, a distinct species of fish found only in these lakes. Over 160 lakes and the channels joining them, countless little marshes and old deciduous forests, characterise the landscape of this exceptional Nature Park.

“Since sake is made up with 80% water and therewith the use of water in sake brewing is crucial for the final quality, we found the idea of supporting the great work of NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union) in protecting this unique and stunning biosphere reserve, the perfect project for us,” says Dr. Bastian Schwithal, CEO and Owner of Go-Sake.

More about the project can be found here:

Go-Sake is the first vegan, handcrafted, awarded, designed Japanese Craft Sake-to-go! The Go-Sake project was founded in 2017 to promote Japanese sake culture in Europe. Go-Sake curates premium sake from little sake Breweries and supports Japanese sake breweries in bringing and introducing their handcrafted sake to/in Germany. Go-Sake stands for 180 milliliter and for a new modern way of sake consumption, in a contemporary packaging. Go-Sake was awarded recently in the List of the best Craft Sake in the biggest German Sake Tasting 2019 by Meininger. Go-Sake stands for a conscious “cleaner & healthier” lifestyle: an all-natural brewed alcoholic beverage:

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